Moodbox x 2 (Stereo)

Moodbox x 2 (Stereo)


Moodbox is a futuristic speaker with romantic frosted lighting. Its base is copper-toned chrome. Both the light and base are made from acrylic but have the amazing elegance of a well-designed The Moodbox features one 3” 15W woofer and four 1.5” 10W tweeters to deliver room-filling sound with accurate vocals and rich bass.


- Emotion Recognition

- Premium Speakers

- Mood Lighting

- Multi-Room Wireless Network

- Hands-Free

- Voice Controlled

- Crystal Clear Hi-Fi Sound

- 360º Omni-directional Sound

- Best Morning Wakeup (Light & Music)

- Weather and Time Telling

- Free MoodBox Companion App

- Stream Music Wirelessly

- 2 MoodBox’s for Stereo Sound

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Size: 250mm x 110mm x 110mm

Weight: Approx. 3500 grams (7.7 lbs.)

Material: Frosted Glass, Electroplated Glass, ABS Plastic, Felt

Sensors: Microphone Array, Hand Gesture Sensor for Light and Speaker Control

Audio: 1 x 3-inch Sub-Woofer and 4 x 1.5-inch Tweeters

Wireless: Dual-band Wi-Fi (MIMO), Supports 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0

Lighting: Full-spectrum LEDs

Languages: English and Chinese

Platform: Android and Embedded Linux

Power: AC Adapter

Warranty: 1-Year Limited


The high quality sound you will receive from your Moodbox is the result of top notch materials, acoustic design and exceptional craftsmanship. MoodBox’s crystal clear 360º Hi-Fi sound lets you enjoy your music in the highest quality.

Each MoodBox comes stocked with 4 x 1.5-inch tweeters as well as a 3-inch subwoofer which is powerful enough to fill up your living room while still providing the rich, powerful sound you desire.

With a sleek and classic design, MoodBox will be a perfect fit anywhere in your home. With the simple click of a button, you can sync multiple MoodBox’s together to play the same song throughout your home, or set your MoodBox’s to play different tunes in each room - all in high quality, without missing a single beat.


With Moodbox’s smartphone, tablet and computer app, you will have full control of all your music and streaming services. The Moodbox app keeps a record of your moods and gives you a complete analysis showing you how your mood fluctuates throughout the day, week of even over the month!