Emi, the emotionally intelligent heart of Moodbox

Choosing the right music for the right occasion, or even the right emotional state, can be a delicate undertaking. Too fast! Too slow. Too loud! Too soft.

Meet Moodbox - the first smart speaker to enhance any mood with the perfect music and light. Moodbox utilizes Emi, it’s emotionally intelligent heart, to get to know you. By interacting with you, Emi is able to understand your moods, likes, and dislikes. With this understanding, Emi will share music and ambient lighting to enhance any mood, situation or feeling. Just sit back and enjoy the perfect music custom-made just for you!

Emi will also report on weather conditions and help you start your day on the right foot with the perfect wake up call consisting of music you love and ambient lighting. Emi is much more than a personal assistant, she is truly your friend.


Emi learns your music tastes

Emi converses with you

Deap learning to analyze your mood


About Our Emotional Intelligence Research

Although people’s music choices fluctuate over time, a person’s empathy levels and thinking style predicts what kind of music they like. Voice is another key indicator of a person’s current emotional state and wellness.

We extract thousands of features such as pitch, energy and speaking rate from a large dataset of labelled emotional speech data to train our emotion predictive models. When you speak to Moodbox, our emotion predictive engine can predict your emotional state from what you say and how you say it.

We use this information and your music preferences to understand your emotion, and to learn what kind of music to play when you are experiencing a certain mood. We also have algorithms that analyze music audio signals as well as music lyrics to enable efficient retrieval of millions of songs by genres, style and artist. Our work on emotion recognition and empathy modules have been featured in the Scientific American and our virtual emotion reading robot - Zara the Super Girl - was showcased at the World Economic Forum.



In Mind

Moodbox was created with developers in mind. With our Open Source software, we make it easy for developers to help create and add the existing functionalities of Moodbox. Our SDK will allow developers to integrate their services on Moodbox.

Contextual information on a user’s mood that these SDKs provide can be connected with services like holiday, event, movie and book recommendations and much more. This level of customization based on a user’s mood is one of its kind and we encourage developers to get on board with us so that we can work together to provide amazing services for Moodbox users.

Developer Access



Pascale Fung Porfile Image

Prof. Pascale Fung


Music has the ability to heal, to calm, to enhance your happiness and enrich your daily life. Prof. Pascale Fung, a world-renowned expert in emotional intelligence set out with her team to create a speaker that would be able to understand human emotion and enhance the quality of life through the power of music. Along with her team of leading researchers from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, having spent countless hours of research, development and design, Moodbox was the result.

Prof. Pascale Fung has been recognized by The Scientific American, The World Economic Forum and by industry leaders worldwide for her advancements in this field.



Anik Dey Porfile Image

Anik Dey


For his Masters thesis, Anik worked with Prof. Pascale to build low resource speech recognition systems for Hindi. He also worked with people from all over the world to classify the genres in world music. He is currently in charge of Moodbox product development and user experience.